Web and UX Designer with over 15 years experience designing and building websites, creating great user experiences and helping small and big businesses to grow online.


UX Designer Lead

Since Nov 2016

Barcelona, ES My current employer. Design and UX lead for the Trust & Reputation team involved in delivering a set of full-stack components to provide various marketplaces with a user rating system. Mostly working side by side with tech and product to create a deliverable scalable product that solves our user needs.


Senior UX designer

Sep 2014 - Oct 2016

Barcelona, ES Continuing with UX work through A/B testing and mantaining the CSS for the web UI of the hotels vertical. Notably worked on merging desktop and mobile websites into a responsive one, creating new UX/UI for the hotels vertical, working on creating shared library of components to unify the brand visually and bring consistency to the UI.


Senior designer, front-end developer

Apr 2009 - May 2014

Amsterdam, NL Booking.com is the third e-commerce website in the world, specialises in global online hotel reservation. Supports more than 40 languages and is constantly improving the experience of its millions of customers. The Agile environment, constantly evolving designs over small iterations, rapid feedback loops with strong and clear KPIs made Booking.com the success story it is today. A great company made by great people.

Over the years I've have been working on almost every part of the front-end, from improving the UX of the booking process, to the post-booking experience, from optimising geographical information to overcoming the challenges presented by internationalisation. I worked also on branding and social media. Mobile and touch have of course been a mayor focus over the past few years.

Checking analytics, running usability tests and conversion driven A/B tests at scale is the bread and butter of a designer at Booking.com. I like to think of my designs as hypothesis to test rather than principles you must apply, is a great way of getting it right for your users and your business, especially when dealing with a mature and successful product. To me spotting anomalies, calculating sample sizes, understanding significance and creating sets of KPIs as sanity checks to demonstrate causality over correlation is were the fun is at.

As a designer/developer I was also focusing on improving front-end performance, assessing how to use and degrade new technologies for older browsers and platforms and give technical talks to the team. Doing roll-outs and constantly monitoring and fixing issues on the live site is a requirement for all designers at Booking.com.

In the past couple of years I was part of the great recruitment effort still undergoing for scaling the front-end department, I was directly involved in CVs screening and as a senior recruiter was regularly doing interviews; HR is a skill I would have never thought would have made me better as a designer, but it definitely did.


Web designer/developer, project owner

May 2005 - Dec 2010

Florence, IT Side project for an Italian fashion brand (Gold) for which over the years I built an online identity, creating one of the most successful blog in Italy at that time. The most interesting and creative part was to create the team behind the website, teaching the tools of the trade, trying to show the difference between the old advertising models and social media, evangelising on SEO and SEM and agile methodologies.

Informa PLC.

Web designer/developer

Feb 2005 - Feb 2009

London, UK Responsible for the design of the look & feel, branding, UI/UX of several web portals, intranets, e-papers and web based applications.

Implementation of XHTML/CSS templates supporting all the major browsers, implementation and debugging of Javascript scripts using Prototype, YUI and EXTjs, implementation of those templates on the application itself using JSTL in Spring/Hibernate/JSF apps.

Producing working prototypes, wire-frames, mock-ups and liaising with management to get designs, project plans or ideas signed off was also one of my main duties and was a big boost for my communication skills.

Being hired with the position of “Web Usability Evangelist” (lol) I would often be asked to give advices to management and/or to train developers on new technologies like CSS positioning and SEO techniques.

Methezine Consulting

Web designer/developer, project owner

Feb 2004 - Dec 2004

London, UK Assembly, co-ordination and instruction of a team of developers, designers and database programmers on the creation of a highly sophisticated web administration system in conjunction with a dynamic web portal for the public registration of non profit organisations & charities.

Truelite s.r.l.

Web/graphic designer / marketing

Apr 2003 - Dec 2003

Florence, IT Design of the corporate logo, design of a few printed brochures, design and implementation of the first corporate web site and of several UI for several web-based applications. Implementation of a few Drupal and Wordpress templates.

All of the mentioned jobs were assisted just by free software (Scite, Gimp, Sodipodi, Inkscape) on Debian machines, languages used included BASH, PHP and Python.


Web designer/developer, backend

Mar 1999 - Sep 2003

Florence, IT Design and implementation of the UI/UX of a quite complex portal for online hotel reservation, using STRUTS, Javascript for the admin section and building nice vector-based map experience in Flash; tasks included Linux server management, Tomcat and Apache configuration, Mysql databases management, promotion on Google, marketing.

Design and implementation of dynamic Flash catalogues (web and cd) rich in Actionscript.

Design and implementation of UI/UX for web applications based on Jboss, using STRUTS.


Electronic engineering

University of Florence

Computer science, Math, Physics, Logical thinking. Dealing with complex systems. Falling in love with problem solving.

High school diploma

Liceo Scientifico Gobetti

Mixing scientific subjects with arts, latin and literature. Renaissance thinking, putting man at the center of the universe.


since 2014


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